A coherent campus masterplan to accommodate future growth

Morley College

June 2015
Morley College



Morley College is a busy and rapidly growing adult education centre. Our brief was to plan a campus which would accommodate anticipated growth of up to 15,000 students a year from 2018 onwards, delivering a wide range of fully accessible studios and classrooms for its students and staff, with dramatic new public areas, and quiet private spaces for tutors.

Our masterplan addresses the entire campus to tie together existing buildings, and link them with new buildings and external spaces. A series of carefully considered extensions and modifications unify the campus overall. A new, taller building at the front of the site provides a visual anchor for the local area, and provides an opportunity to showcase the range of work that students and staff engage in. 

An enclosed court creates a new forum space at the bustling heart of this vibrant campus, where art is a major part of the College’s offer. New work will be imbedded in the architecture to continue a long tradition at Morley of murals, large paintings and sculpture in each of the public spaces around the campus.

This new campus design celebrates the distinct atmosphere which makes Morley College special, and allows them to continue and expand their long tradition of investing in emerging talent.