A meticulously crafted studio for font and technology specialists, Monotype


October 2016
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This new studio for type designers, Monotype, provides a contemporary environment that reflects their position at the forefront of digital technology design. 

A beautifully crafted spine wall elegantly accommodates a range of spaces in which to work, meet and relax - including tea points, phone booths, small meeting areas and ample storage. 

Beautifully crafted birch ply portals extend from the spine to define a multi-functional central space adjoining the tea point, which is equally suited to entertaining visitors, meeting with colleagues or holding out-of-hours events and exhibitions. This compact focal point is located centrally to benefit all areas of the office and in its efficiency allows space elsewhere for future expansion.

A muted material palette of ply, existing brickwork and subtly textured laminates is punctuated by graphic black accents and provides a neutral backdrop for colourful artworks that are constantly updated and replaced in line with seasonal exhibitions. Generous provision of acoustically separate spaces provides for remote working allowing employees in London to routinely collaborate with colleagues all over the globe.