A bold new office in London’s Marylebone

Great Portland Street

October 2015



A bold new office in London’s Marylebone. A striking pavilion on the roof creates the perfect corporate hideout that transforms from an apparent solid into a translucent prism as night falls.

The street façade is broken by a charcoal grey recess, whose glazed panels and simple balcony mark out the main entrance to the building above. A typical London mansard conceals the drama of the roof pavilion whose perforated aluminium skin allows its form to dissolve as dusk falls. The quality of light in this space changes with subtlety as daylight and artificial light interact through the translucent surfaces. Views out are preserved and yet modulated to create a sense of intimacy along with a connection to the wider city roofscape.

Creative studio office space occupies the four floors below, with retail units on the lower two levels. The interiors of the office are exposed dramatically to the rear of the building with a fully glazed façade, appearing as if the office has been sliced in section. Industrial cues inform the interior spaces with exposed services and a perforated folded metal ceiling in reception.