A new hybrid workplace for Manchester that reinvents the idea of work

Airport City




Airport City reinvents the idea of work, in creating modern workspace for the future. Occupying the empty space between Manchester International Airport and Manchester’s largest district, Wythenshawe.
A dense, 3-storey enclave provides 230,000 sq.ft of new space and creates a flexible campus for larger and smaller companies alike. Its presence is announced by a living armature that gives way to a series of intimate shared spaces, unfolding with their own internal urban logic. Within a striking and expressive 7.5 metre grid the buildings are able to expand as demand requires, using a palette of standardised materials as the basis of a modern, distinctive architecture that is deeply connected to Manchester’s industrial heritage. Covered external journeys and internal bridge spaces become meeting places and social nodes that contribute to an enervating take of the business park’s cellular logic.

At Airport City the office is understood as a cluster, or node, in which the world of work is a social one supported by a hybrid programme of event space, restaurants, venues and the arts. Its permanence lies in an ability to claim space as the agent of potentiality, while acknowledging the ephemeral as an intrinsic part of its architectural expression.