It is impossible to imagine a building without imagining a day in the life of its inhabitants.

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Established in 2010, Ben Adams Architects has quickly developed a reputation for elegant, contextual architecture balancing function with an appropriate degree of innovation and flair.
Our built portfolio demonstrates an ability to design buildings that fulfill clients’ immediate needs, but which also provides enough flexibility to meet changing requirements in the future.
Our approach is simple and effective. We employ a rigorous process which ensures that time, budget and stakeholders are all managed exceptionally well, but also allows for the creativity and inspiration essential for buildings which delight.
At Ben Adams Architects we have particular expertise in the intelligent refurbishment of existing buildings, delivering projects which are contemporary yet respectful of their site, surroundings and historic conditions. We diagnose the existing strengths and weaknesses of a building to fully unlock its potential, rationalising circulation, entrances or social spaces to add experiential and commercial value.

Trust and understanding are vital for project success. From the outset we invest significant time and resources to build good relationships with clients and stakeholders. Helping our clients navigate the complexities of the decision-making process by providing expert guidance and advice is a crucial part of this relationship. We aim to enthuse and motivate both stakeholders and the design team to ensure that we help to champion and deliver the original project vision.
Much of our work is underpinned by ongoing research and development projects. This critical approach is fundamental to the way we work. From the properties and appropriateness of materials to evolving urban typologies, research roots our practice in a wider context, and helps to inform the criteria for successful architecture.

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Ben Adams

Founding Director


Francesca Pont

Associate Director


Michael Wilson Katsibas

Associate Director


Nicholas Jewell

Senior Consultant, Head of Research


Mark Conroy

Associate, Head of Construction


Patrick Hammond

Associate, Head of Design Development


Leni Popovici

Associate, Business and Creative Development


Sheila Kihara



Michael Chou



Emma Holt



Gavin Goldsmith


Ep 2019

Emily Pyne



Alia Khonji

Senior Architect


Jess Atkinson-Evans

Senior Architect


Bryan Tsang

Senior Architect

Maria sanchez

Maria Sanchez

Senior Architect


Thomas Glen

Senior Architect

Sahar nava

Sahar Nava

Senior Architectural Designer

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Kirti Durelle



Melissa Patterson



Daniel Titchener



Francesca O’Shea



Francis Hunt



Fiona Baxter



Yuho Sakai



Carine Chin


Ciaran linane

Ciaran Linane

Architectural Assistant


Jessica Mulvey

Architectural Assistant


Harry Lewis

Architectural Assistant


Bethany Houlihan

Architectural Assistant

Natalie eugenia ow

Natalie Eugenia Ow

Architectural Assistant

Michael gibbs

Mike Gibbs

Architectural Assistant


Lovisa Lidstrom

Architectural Assistant


Karl Ewart

Architectural Assistant


Alex Levin

Office Manager

Chloe colvin

Chloe Colvin

Office Administrator

Alexandra 2

Alexandra Ventura

PA and Team Assistant


Alex Pringle

Part 1 Architectural Assistant


Tatiana Muringani

Part 1 Architectural Assistant

Olga karchevska

Olga Karchevska

Part 1 Architectural Assistant

Bahram yaradanguliyev

Bahram Yaradanguliyev

Part 1 Architectural Assistant

Matthew b

Matthew Buchanan

Part 1 Architectural Assistant

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Research is fundamental to everything we do at Ben Adams Architects.

Our buildings are the ultimate expression of our architectural ideas, but it remains those ideas that drive our buildings. They provide the link between our projects and allow the process of architecture to remain discursive. It is research that drives them.

Projects are informed by research at many different levels. Most fundamentally research means reflection on projects – both complete and in progress. What went well? What did we learn? How can we do it better? This critical practice is essential to the development of typological ideas and working methods. But practice must also be informed by deeper preoccupations at all scales. What does a building mean culturally and socially? How does an individual intervention relate to the city? How and why do particular forms and typologies pervade? Why are particular materials appropriate while others are not? How does research inform policy and in return frame the limitations of architectural practice?

Research can answer specific questions and provoke unexpected avenues of enquiry. We embrace research in a holistic way that drives us in the design and making buildings.

Visit our Research section to read what we're currently working on.

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How do we make great architecture? Or even good architecture? We believe that it is important to have an answer to this question, for ourselves as working architects and also for our clients. So we spend time engaging in dialogue to develop a meaningful answer.

As architects we know the importance of a rigorous process. We make sure that any given architectural solution emerges from an analysis of site, client, brief and constraints. We gather impressions as well as data and investigate what we might call the context for a project. But this in itself is not always enough to guarantee a strong solution or a great project.

Beyond all that, buildings require some kind of vision or inspiration to transcend the obvious, to delight beyond the robust professional attention to process. A building may be highly contextual and appropriate for its surrounding, but what if its surrounding are themselves underwhelming?

At Ben Adams Architects, our approach for each project is necessarily unique: what kind of building is correct for this place? It may be modest or startling.  We aim to ask the questions and engender the conditions that can create the spark that ignites the imagination. How do we go beyond context to create something more; something bold, lean, cerebral, playful and surprising?

We are inspired by new ways of making and new methods of industrial production. We enjoy repetition, evolution and craft. We like hand made buildings. We immerse ourselves in research, interrogating the potential of materials, their inherent qualities, their raw properties. We talk about these things as a practice and employ architects who understand and enjoy the purpose of this dialogue.

Context is good and a necessary crucible for good design. But so is the vision or pioneering spirit that might create a set piece to rise above context and define a new standard; an aspirational statement of intent. Whilst we may not want to design iconic landmarks of the type jostling for attention on many an urban skyline, we must not, as architects, ignore some of the demands of urbanism that lead to such buildings being designed - orientation, vanity, character, diversity and change.

At Ben Adams Architects, we aim to be contextual, yet visionary; appropriate yet inspired.