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Drawing V Digital

Last week we were joined by artist Emma McNally, graphic designer David Johnston (Accept & Proceed) and our very own Ben Adams to debate 'Drawing v Digital'.

Chaired by Rory Olcayto (Director at Open City), the discussion touched on some fascinating and sometimes contentious areas. We discussed the idea of analogue processes being 'messy', and whether their digital counterparts are too refined. The idea of instinctual expression was deliberated as each speaker shared which medium they choose to express their ideas, and finally we delved into the ever-changing world of the digital and questioned whether the future is all about technological advances, or whether the analogue world will still play a big role in how we understand and express ourselves in the future.

There were opposing sides and big ideas, but the overarching theme that emerged from the evening was that neither drawing nor digital are inherently better than the other. They serve different purposes for different people and, although questions of authenticity and emotion in the digital world were still heavily questioned, our guests were able to argue passionately for both sides of the coin.

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