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BAA In The Press: New London Quarterly

New London Quarterly magazine covers built environment issues as they affect the capital, and to mark the 40th issue they are looking at 40 ideas to shape a better London.

From micro to macro, and across all sectors, the top blue-sky but workable concepts have been featured in the issue, including the BAA HOMEwork idea.

About HOMEwork

London contains 300 million square feet of office space. Its use, tethered to the conventions of an 8-hour working day and fixed desks means that for two-thirds of the 24-hour cycle this space is underused.

If we take advantage of modern, flexible working patterns to create a more direct relationship between time and space, office environments could be condensed and we could find a more effective use for the 200 million square feet of freed up space – such as offering an answer to the capital’s housing crisis. 

Permitted development could facilitate the rapid creation of 200,000 homes in these re-purposed spaces. Maybe the answer to the housing crisis lies in making our existing building stock work harder and smarter.